Satan distances himself from Clinton

 This has caused a frenzy and outrage from Clinton supporters. Especially in the depths of hell. The father of all lies open the gates of the volcanic abyss to issue a statement.

 “I just want to make a few things clear. Donny and I go way back. I also consider him a good friend. He has even credited me for helping  build his empire on souls of the innocent. So when I say this it is not in negative light toward Donny. I have no direct ties to Mrs. Clinton. 

 It’s possible that Donald was referring to one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Possible Pestilence. I have gotten both of them  confused on may occasions.

 This hasn’t been the first time my name has been invoked along with Mrs. Clinton. I understand that we both murder, lie, and commit other atrocities on this planet. But to re-illustrate my earlier point we are not connected in any way.”

 The Clinton campaign has yet to deny the statement  made from Mr. Trump.


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