Clinton supporters disappointed in lack luster presitation of lies

Do you wipe emails with a cloth or try convincing black friends you carry around hot sauce in your purse? If these lies don’t seem  well thought out, you’re not the only one.

The Clinton’s have been known for spinning lies that rival the depths of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Ever since Hillary has announced her bid for president her ability to conjure up a lie lacks a serious punch.

Most of Hillary’s supporters look forward to her cover ups. One fan had this to say, “You know, it was like story time when she would talk. Now, I rather watch reruns of Jersey Shore.”

Another Clinton supporter commented with “Waiting for her to lie was like waiting for a summer blockbuster to come out. Every time she speaks now I feel like I’m watching a terrible reboot of a classic film I loved. It’s just tragic”.

We asked the Clinton campaign to respond to the criticism. A spokesman for them replied. “With the primaries over Mrs. Clinton can get back to focusing on crafting better lies to tell the American people. Trust me. You will not be disappointed come November.”







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